Truly a practice that seamlessly addresses the Mind, Body and Spirit, Thai Yoga is a system of movement education based on principles of energy balancing which blossoms from a beautiful synergy between practitioner and participant. A very physical practice where the practitioner manipulates the body and energetic pathways, the participant is completely passive while remaining open to receiving the powerful benefits of the ancient tradition. Each session progresses in a cumulative and progressive manner, “unlocking” the entire body systematically, leading to a true feeling of oneness and bringing fundamental elements and energy into harmony while creating wholeness of mind, body and spirit.Read More...
Building upon her thorough and life-changing education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Jan Michelle continually delves deeper into her practice with Digestive Wellness. Following her own journey with ulcerative colitis (UC), Jan Michelle decided to focus on digestive health while embracing the Mind, Body and Spirit within her coaching. She works with individuals with digestive dis-eases and disorders, while also using the digestive tract as a means to address other health concerns such as weight release, skin conditions, attention and mood concerns, and disrupted energy and sleep patterns. Turning the attention to a holistic view of the digestive system allows for the most preventive, foundational approach to health and wellness.Read More...
Purposely designed by a woman for women to provide a challenging workout while empowering the Mind, Body and Spirit, BodyMind Barre combines exercises and principles from a ballet barre with yoga, pilates, traditional fitness and preventive rehabilitative practices, including a luxurious stretch and meditation to close the class. These principles help to produce a lengthening and strengthening effect. The result is a body that is lean, toned, flexible, resilient, graceful, balanced and integrated through incomparable core strengthening. With the attention given to posture, technique, form and focus, these physical improvements are only some of the far- reaching benefits that keep you excited to come back to class every week. Read More...

Mind. Body. Spirit.

You hear those words all the time, but what do they mean? In the holistic world, the mind, body and spirit are three expressions of one, very integrated, human being. In fact they are so integrated, that to truly define where one ends and another begins becomes nearly an impossible task. The “line” between these expressions is so incredibly fine and in some places, does not exist. No one expression is more important than another. The balance of these three facets of the human being is imperative for You to experience health and joy…to unlock Your true potential and become a conscious co-creative force in designing Your life. Only when the mind, body and spirit are in complete harmony can Your journey toward optimum wellness begin.

Additional Offerings

  • Ballet Based Body Training
  • Myofascial Release (MFR)
  • One:One & Group Health Coaching
  • Digestive Wellnes
  • Thai Yoga & Reiki For Spinal Cord Injury
  • DIY Beauty Products
  • Healthy Recipes


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