Well, it’s here…the Holiday Season is upon us! While I do not like adding to the chaos and stress this time of year can bring, I feel like NOT addressing it would be like NOT addressing the BIG ELEPHANT in the room. So it is my hope that the onset of the season has come i n with peace and joy for you and continues to do so well into the New Year.   33 While the Holiday Season can be incredibly stressful for us humans, the Holiday Season is also one of the most stressful times of year for the Earth – it is one of the most wasteful times of year. With decorations and wrapping paper and packaging, we accumulate more garbage during these weeks than any other time of year! And truthfully, for what purpose? Does the packaging a gift comes in really change its value or meaning to the recipient? This year, I am going to encourage you to Be Green For The Holidays! There are so many easy habits you can implement now to lessen your impact on the environment over the next few weeks. They are simple and quick and do not require much effort…AND you will even save money in the process! 1) Find gifts that come in less packaging, or better yet none at all!          34 2) Save gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, etc. from gifts you receive to recyle and use throughout the year and even next Holiday Season. In fact, it can be a fun tradition to buy a reusable bag, and use that to exchange with the same person each year. Then even the bag gains sentimental value! 35 3) Instead of using expensive wrapping paper and ribbon, etc. Try recyling newspaper, magazines, and paper bags for wrapping paper, and twine or other string as ribbons and bows. Its completely free, recyled and recyclable! For some gifts you could even use a decorative blanket, cloth napkin or hand towel to wrap it for a no waste Holiday! If you have any environmentally friendly Holiday traditions, I would love to hear them! Send them to me or post below!