Last month, you got a whole smorgasbord of recipes, so this month I am going to do something a little different. This month, I am sharing a great post from my favorite Ayurvedic Practitioner, Dr. John Douillard. He posted it for Thanksgiving, but it was too late to include in my last newsletter. It is still applicable for all of the eating we will be doing for the remainder of the Holiday Season, so I hope you follow these suggestions for a healthy Holiday, with no weight gain and even improved digestion (which is a little taste for what you can look forward to in next year’s newsletter theme! ::WinkWink::) Check out Dr. Douillard’s 5 Tips To Feel Great After Thanksgiving Dinner (And BEYOND!) And if you are feeling like your digestion might need a jump start, check out this program that Dr. Douillard offers. His cleanse programs will be replacing my Eat.Move.Change. Lifestyle Upgrade Program. This might be a great way to ring in the New Year!