11 Happy March! This month starts my absolute favorite time of year…not only is March my BIRTHAY month, it is also the start of Spring (although Mother Nature seems to have her own weather agenda this year…) AND it is Colon Cancer Awareness Month! YAY for HEALTHY GUTS! In honor of Colon Cancer Awareness Month, this month we are going to talk about Spring cleansing…from the inside out! If you have yet to cleanse, Spring is a fantastic time! The winter can leave us feeling sluggish with the heavier foods we eat in order to prepare for “hibernation.” Naturally, many people experience weight loss on a cleanse, as a result of eating lighter foods and allowing the body to release the heavier, winter, warmth-promoting weight. (*Warning…here is where I get a little graphic.) If you include some type of colon cleansing in your spring cleaning regimen (such as a colonic/colon hydrotherapy/colema), you may experience a large amount of weight loss due to the amount of feces that gets cleansed from your colon. I know…I said feces. Better yet, I implied that you had feces stored in your colon. So yes…I just said you were full of crap. Hahaha…Sorry! While I do not particularly use weight as a measure of wellness, from a holistic perspective, if one IS overweight, that can be a sign that something is going on inside. (Again, the emphasis is not on the weight, but on the fact that internally something is off kilter.) Many times, holding onto excess weight is more an emotional condition than physical, but it is also more closely associated with malnutrition than overeating. *Disclaimer: Cleanses should NOT be used as a weight-loss tool. You will most likely lose weight while cleansing, but to develop an addiction to cleansing for the weight-loss is simply another version of disordered eating. Your colon is like a winding, weaving river with rippled walls. When our diets are full of fiber and our bowels move regularly, we can keep the colon squeaky clean, needing only an occasional ‘hose down’ if any at all. Interesting Fact Of The Day: Fiber is like resistance training for your colon…it gives your colon something to work against. Not eating enough fiber would be like weight lifting marshmallows! However, when our diets contain fried, chemicalized, processed junk-“food”, that gunk gets caught on the walls of the colon. Pair that with the lack of tone in the bowel from too little fiber, the lack of movement and exercise to promotes digestion, and dehydration, and you could have a bowel that is holding the equivalent of more than 3 meals! Talk about holding onto excess weight! If feces stays in your colon longer than it is supposed to, it continues to digest and liquid continues to get absorbed, making the feces harder and harder. Eventually, the feces near the lining of the colon can become rubber-like. Once that happens, a regular bowel movement is not going to get that out, no matter what you do. It is at this point that a series of colonics may be necessary. Just a little perspective here, if your diet is clean as a whistle now, but at some point in your life you did tango with the Standard American Diet, your body may still be holding onto waste from years ago…even if you have had a colonoscopy.


Now, I want to be completely honest and transparent here. Colonics have saved lives. They are a necessary part of treatment for some people and they are completely safe…for most people. I tried a colonic. It was miserable. But I also have a compromised system – and that particular method was just not for me. I have since found a different style that is MUCH more tolerable – see picture at left for the most gentle experience in my opinion. Before you go and ask for the Roto-Rooter program, I suggest you have a consultation or speak at length with the owner or manager. Get to know your colon hydrotherapist and make sure you feel comfortable. Discuss any conditions that might put you in a risk category. Something like ulcerative colitis would be one of those such conditions. So the good and not-so-good news. (I always like to give the not-so-good news first.) Considering our modern lifestyles, diets, stress, lack of activity, dehydration and quality of food, it is pretty much a given that our bodies are not eliminating waste properly and therefore are impacted. With that amount of feces stored in our colons, toxic waste leaches back into our bodies because it is not eliminated properly. This can have so many side effects, it is hard to name them all. In addition, the added weight from the feces is often the weight we are continually trying to lose! Which leads to the good news. A simple colon cleansing program can improve all of this! Blemished skin and acne clearing up is almost guaranteed, but eliminating back pain, relief from depression, curing skin rashes, lessening body odor and improving nourishment are also likely outcomes, and much, much more! Notice all of these are internal improvements that will affect how you feel. But if that is not enough for you, the few pounds that you can lose once you remove that impacted weight just might leave you with an extra bounce in your step 😉 The best part about the cleansing process (and the best way to recognize whether the program you choose to do is a true cleanse or just a fad) is that it leaves your body stronger! Your digestion improves after cleansing out the muck that was slowing the system down. Your immunity improves because now you can actually absorb and assimilate all the amazing foods you are going to put in your body. And your mood and outlook on life improve, making you happier overall, and it has been proven by numerous studies that happier people do not get sick as much as their unhappier peers! Be sure to choose a cleanse that is right for you. There are a multitude of choices out there…some I recommend, some I avoid. Do not starve yourself during a cleanse – that will set you up to gain more weight back when you stop the cleanse. You want a program that provides your body with the nourishment it needs, while simultaneously cleansing the organs of the body. The name of the game is education…either educate yourself, or find someone to educate you! If you are having trouble navigating the cleanse scene or would like some suggestions, feel free to contact me! Otherwise you can check out the  cleanse I personally recommend…the Colorado Cleanse by Dr. John Douillard! (Click and then scroll down…) Just to reiterate, cleansing is NOT a weight management program. This is NOT your excuse to eat whatever you want and then flush out every week. In fact, that will leave you feeling worse than having a shalacked colon. This is a therapy to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. In my opinion, unless you have an issue that needs extra lovin’, I would think that a colon cleansing could accompany your annual Spring Cleaning routine…why not clean from the inside out! Spring intuitively brings on the great cleansing foods that naturally help our bodies shed the extra heaviness of winter, like sprouts and greens, so it seems an appropriate time to cleanse overall. So go ahead…enjoy all Spring has to offer with clean living inside and out!