Fermented foods are another one of those ancient health rituals that has been around forever, but is being rediscovered for all its amazing benefits! I was introduced to it not too long ago, and have been hooked ever since! Fermented foods are sprinkled throughout our diets without us even realizing it: pickles, sauerkraut, yogurt…all great foods for our gut health, but more often than not, there are other ingredients added that completely offset any potential health benefits. Sugars, food dyes, GMO foods, or foods grown with loads of pesticides are often used in these fermented foods that typically enter our diets and these are the ingredients that turn a health-promoting, amazing food into yet another form of junk food. Interestingly enough, with my picky childhood eating, I NEVER liked traditional “American” sauerkraut. Then I read about fermented vegetables! While the process of fermenting vegetables and the shape that you chop your vegetables in will pretty much give you a resulting dish that resembles sauerkraut so closely it might as well be called by the same name…these foods are WORLDS apart in my opinion. First of all the texture is completely different. Being technically “raw” since it is never heated, fermented vegetables are crisp and crunchy yielding a freshness even after weeks of fermenting. Yet, the process of fermenting – salt plus pressure – in a way “cooks” the food making it more friendly to digestion. Second of all THE COLORS! There are some foods that just make me giddy and fermented veggies are one of them! After shredding and chopping all of my vegetables and tossing them together, the resulting color palette is just stunning. There is definitely something to it when you can truly admire the beauty of your food!


There are so many ways to ferment your vegetables, and I have found my favorite way. But I encourage you to check out the following resources and find the method that best serves you. These are just a few resources that I personally trust, but you can find TONS of information on fermenting vegetables all over the internet now. Find a trusted resource that provides quality information and follow whichever method best fits your needs. If this process seems a bit overwhelming to take on by yourself, please contact me! Knowing the huge health benefits of fermented vegetables, I urge you to give it a try. I would be more than happy to host a class to show you first hand how easy and simple this process is and why you could easily make it a part of your life! Dr. Mercola – How to Easily and Inexpensively Ferment Your Own Vegetables After testing fermented vegetables versus capsulated probiotics, Dr. Mercola found the healthy bacterial count of fermented vegetables to be 10x as much as a probiotic supplement! Easy Kimchi Recipe For Ultimate Gut Health Traditional in the Korean culture, Kimchi includes some spicy ingredients. Definitely give it a try, but if you are not a spice lover, do not fret – you can make your own and just eliminate the spiciness! Nourishing Meals – How To Make Lacto-Fermented Vegetables Without Whey My go to resource for healthy recipes that will undoubtedly taste amazing! Kid tested by her own 5 children, gluten free for her husband with Celiac, and well researched by both she and her husband who are highly educated in the field of nutrition, Ali never fails to disappoint. Body Ecology – Raw Cultured Vegetables Donna Gates was actually the first source I read for fermenting vegetables. Great information and easy to personalize to your own tastes. Weston A. Price Foundation – Lacto-Fermentation Sally Fallon presents her view on fermented vegetables after studying traditional cultures for decades. Life Spa – Eating Fermented Foods Seasonally One of my favorite resources, Dr. Douillard, brings the Ayurvedic perspective on fermenting foods. Take note of the specification of eating them seasonally. Not up for making your own fermented foods? While the health benefits may dwindle slightly when buying mass produced fermented foods, not all is lost… Kombucha My personal favorite Kombucha brand…You can find this brand at any food store nowadays and it is a beautiful, ecologically conscious and grass roots company. I notice a difference in my digestion when I can get this in my body everyday. A happy belly = a happy life 🙂 Interestingly enough, while researching for this article, I found Rejuvenate Foods – an online source for raw, organic fermented foods! YAY! So for those of you who are just not ready to take on making them yourself, here’s your option! Rejuvenate Foods Raw, organic foods and some great fermented (cultured) vegetable options including Kimchi and sauerkraut! Go ahead…give it a go! And let me know how you like it!