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“Jan's knowledge of physiology, nutrition, all sorts of exercise, as well as her having been a dancer and gymnast, allows her to treat and train the whole body and musculature. Her constant flow of positive energy and forward looking personality always jump start my days with her and resulted in fun, energizing sessions. She is a great person to make a part of your life!”      - Richard R., NYC

May 11, 2016

“A current client raved about her positive attitude, outgoing personality, not to mention her successful training programs, and Jan lived up to that short description and more. Upon meeting her, it is clear that her upbeat personality and inspiring optimism make her the type of person you want cheering you on as she puts you through (very) challenging exercises. What I find most impressive is her dedication to her clients. She draws on her personal experience with dance and gymnastics, her knowledge of muscle groups and the body, and her creativity to invent exercises using simple body resistance. She has also taken my previous health history and injuries into consideration and added focused exercises to stabilize and strengthen certain muscles to help prevent future injury or pain.”     - Jamie K., NYC

May 11, 2016

“Jan took the time to get to know me and my challenges before our first session. She is a great leader, coach, motivator and cheerleader. I had a great first impression with Jan and that has carried over into my experience in working with her. I encourage others to work with Jan for support and encouragement.” - Joe S., Long Island

May 11, 2016

“Balance. Center. Serenity. Peace. Calm. Bliss. Strength.
Training for Ironman and other triathlons has my body very cranky. I am a believer in being proactive and having traditional deep tissue sports therapy massages regularly. I did not think I would gain much from another form of massage. One session with Jan rewired my whole thought process. The gains from Thai Yoga were immediate and amazing without any discomfort. My body felt centered, I stood taller, my brain had more clarity, my body tingled from head to toe, muscles that were tight were relaxed and pliable. The posture change helped my body to be kinetically aligned and the balance that returned was visibly noticeable. My strength was back to normal, my energy level returned and my muscles were ready to be pushed again. Thai Yoga brought my recovery/training to a whole new level. Thank you Jan!”     - Vicki Edwards, East End Tri, USAT Certified Coach

May 11, 2016