SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy
Thai Yoga Therapy (also known as Thai Yoga Massage) is a system of movement education that dates back thousands of years, in which the intention is energetic and all physical touch is incidental to this intention. This is exemplified by our use of various techniques to bring energy, attention and breath to each energetic pathway, known as a Sen line, in the body. The central aim of Thai Yoga is to manifest the practical expression of loving kindness. In doing so, the primary outcome of each session is truly 4 boundless states of mind: Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. In this ancient practice, the entire human being (mind, body and spirit) is used to treat the entire human being (mind, body and spirit). Thai Yoga has been described as an intimate practice, almost like a beautiful dance between participant and therapist, and there is a slight resemblance to dance, stretching, yoga and massage (as we know them in our country), Reiki and even bone setting practices. The style of Thai Yoga that Jan Michelle is trained in is called the SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapeutic Day Protocol. This protocol consists of 9-12 hours of treatment divided into 7 sessions – each correlating to a chakra. The sessions range in length from 45 minutes-2.5 hours. For consistency in scheduling, the 2 shortest sessions have been combined, so the full series is completed in 6 sessions. The Therapeutic Day Protocol is a system designed to address common imbalances and ailments affecting the general population. Thai Yoga works in a cumulative and progressive way, where the entire body is “unlocked” systematically leading to a true feeling of wholeness and oneness, mentally, physically and spiritually. Each session follows a traditional format which includes Puja, a sacred opening and closing to each session, and a warm up, to ground and connect the recipient before and after treatment. Lastly, because of its incredible synergy with Thai Yoga, Reiki is incorporated into every Thai Yoga session. Each participant receives continual healing Reiki and before each session closes, a few quiet moments are given to allow the flow of Reiki to fill the body and bring about healing and wellness.

Thai Yoga “Menu”
While it would be quite lengthy to detail every aspect of each session, below you will find a brief synopsis of what to expect from each session in the SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapeutic Day Protocol. This system is designed as exactly that…a system. It is meant to benefit the participant if they experience it as such – in its integrated entirety. Still, participants may have one area on which they would like to focus more. As such, once a participant has experienced the SomaVeda Therapeutic Day in its entirety one full time, subsequent treatments may be personalized and focus on the session from which a participant felt they received the most benefit. Based on experience, however, those who have participated in the full system many times over continually receive the intuitive benefits of the practice in that the session that they are scheduled to experience is exactly what they needed in that moment.
Session 1
General Balancing Session
This sessions acts as the “warm up” preparing the entire body for the deeper reaching sessions to come. It also introduces you to the various asanas used in Thai Yoga treatments – mainly supine savasana, side lying positions, prone position, seated position and gentle inversions. General palm pressure is used, and broad areas are addressed – the deeper, more acute treatments are used in later sessions. This is a wonderful “tune up” session for experienced Thai Yogi’s as the entire body is treated and flow is restored. This session is approximately 90 minutes of treatment time, but it is recommended to leave 2 hours available for your session to allow time for introductions, explanations, brief heath history intake and questions.
Session 2
Supine Position


A favorite session of many, this session addresses the legs, feet, arms and hands and incorporates a beautiful hip stretching series. Especially beneficial for individuals who sit and work at a computer as well as those who are very physical in their work and personal lives. Many physical realignments occur during this session in the hands and feet. These realignments help the body to find its proper posture and have a chain reaction throughout the whole body aligning everything for optimal function. This sessions is about 90 minutes of treatment time.
Session 3
Side Lying Position
Another favorite, this session addresses each side of the body wholly and individually, yet in doing so creates balance, harmony and integration between both sides. Feet are again addressed and specific attention is given to the spine. Especially beneficial for individuals who feel imbalanced, lopsided, crooked, or on a deeper level are struggling with societal gender roles or conflict within their personal feelings and societal expectations about their gender. This session is also about 90 minutes of treatment time.
Session 4
Prone Session
Yet another favorite among many, and reminiscent of having your back rubbed as a child, this session addresses the back side of the body. Lots of attention is given to gently encouraging the spine to realign for optimal function and flexibility, in addition to great hip flexor stretches. Especially beneficial for individuals who have mild back issues, but has also been used to address more serious injuries as well as slipped disks. This session lasts between 60-90 minutes, usually around 75 minutes of treatment time.
Session 5
Second Supine Position
One of the shorter sessions, and therefore has been combined with Session 6, this session addresses the front of the body again in a more intimate way. Careful attention is given to the abdomen, which is incredibly therapeutic for individuals with digestive distress. Additionally, the chest is treated, bringing a very therapeutic treatment for those who have or have had breast cancer or any respiratory conditions. This particular session can be very emotional as the areas of the body addressed are those that also leave us feeling more vulnerable. Special care is taken to ensure your feelings of physical and emotional safety and comfort. This session also includes gentle inversions that promote blood flow to the brain. Again, in the spirit of “loving kindness” no participant is ever pushed passed their comfort or safety level. If gentle inversions are not something your body is ready for, they will be modified to your comfort and safety level. Alone, this sessions lasts about 45 minutes; combined with the following session, it is about 75 minutes of treatment time.
Session 6
Seated Position
Also a shorter session and therefore combined with Session 5 for a longer treatment, since the two sessions fit together nicely. The Seated Position incorporates some wonderful, deep stretches and gives extra attention to the neck and shoulder area. The session finishes with a luxurious head and face treatment. Alone, this session is about 45 minutes; combined with the above session, it is about 75 minutes of treatment time.
Session 7
Comprehensive Balancing Session
Similar to the first session, but with the detail of all subsequent sessions, this is a culmination of ALL the sessions combined. This session is approximately 2.5 hours of treatment time and leaves one feeling wholly cared for and treated.

Flow Sessions
In recognition of today’s busy schedules, obligations and financial efficiency, Thai Yoga sessions are now offered in a Flow Session format. Flow Sessions give more attention to the flow of the series than to each Sen line and point. Typically, each Sen line is attended to at least 3 times, yet in a Flow Session, each Sen line is attended to once. As you can imagine, the more time and attention that is given to anything, the more powerful an experience it becomes, but even in its abbreviated version, each Flow Session provides significant benefits and deep levels of relaxation. For the time being, Sessions 2 and 3, the Supine and Side Lying Sessions, will be available in a Flow Session format. Flow Sessions will be approximately 60 minutes, and will still include Reiki during and at the close of the treatment. Classes are filling up fast. Email me today to RSVP your spot!  


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