Thai Yoga Therapy


Thai Yoga Therapy is a system of movement education based entirely on principles of energy balancing and accomplishes this by bringing energy, attention and breath to each energetic pathway in the body, known as a Sen Line. The central aim of Thai Yoga is to manifest the practical expression of loving kindness. The primary outcomes associated with the practice are four divine and boundless states of mind: Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. In Thai Yoga, the participant is completely passive, while the practitioner uses elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching, rhythmic compression and focus to create a singular healing experience. The work is done in a cumulative and progressive manner, where the entire body is “unlocked” systematically, leading to a true feeling of oneness and bringing fundamental elements and energy into harmony while creating wholeness of mind, body and spirit. The Therapeutic Day
In ancient Thailand, when one was ill or injured, one went to the “hospital” to receive a full day of Thai Yoga Therapy in order to bring balance and healing to the body. While this Therapeutic Day cannot be hastened, it can be completed in segments over several days.
SomaVeda Therapeutic “Day”
A series of seven Thai Yoga Therapy sessions ranging in duration from 45 minutes to 2½ hours. Please click here (Link to detailed menu page) for a full, detailed description of each of the following SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapeutic Day Sessions.
-General Balancing Session
-Supine Session
-Side-Lying Session
-Prone Session
-Second Supine Session
-Seated Session
-Comprehensive Balancing Session
What To Expect


Thai Yoga sessions are performed on a comfortable, thickly cushioned floor mat, about the size of either a twin or queen sized bed. Sessions can also be performed on a massage table if the participant is unable to transition to the floor with ease. Participants remain fully clothed during Thai Yoga, although wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement is recommended along with removing any jewelry. To learn more about Thai Yoga Therapy and Jan Michelle’s education and training, visit the Thai Yoga Center website.


Reiki is universal healing energy. Reiki is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. Reiki knows no boundaries – it can travel through matter, space and time. Literally, a compound word formed by combining the words “rei”, meaning universe, and “ki” meaning energy, Reiki has been used for centuries to aid in healing the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki can be used for a variety of conditions ranging from relieving pain, healing injuries, curing emotional traumas as well as learning to handle and manage stress. In addition, Reiki can also be used in aiding behavioral and situational issues such as to cease smoking or easing nerves related to public speaking, etc. Similar to a traditional massage session, the participant is usually lying down, but a session can be performed while seated as well. The practitioner lays her hands on the body in a semi-choreographed sequence. The sequence can be altered depending on the needs of the participant. Unlike a traditional massage session, the participant remains fully clothed. To learn more about Reiki please click HERE! Thai Yoga and Reiki are beautifully complimentary modalities, so every Thai Yoga session also incorporates Reiki with seamless synergy.
What People Are Saying About Thai Yoga and Reiki…
“In the short time that I have been working with Jan there have been many recognizable improvements on several levels. My sleep pattern has improved significantly. Experiencing Thai Yoga – a very relaxing, meditative yoga/massage (which I thought I would never be able to accomplish) and Reiki healing for my tendonitis was a very fulfilling learning experience!”
- Michele F. “Jan Michelle has introduced me to Thai Yoga/Massage. The flow of the treatment and the ease of the stretches felt great. Her work is a reflection of the name of her business, as I feel my body changing, I notice my mind changing as well.”
- Francis D.  


“Balance. Center. Serenity. Peace. Calm. Bliss. Strength.
Training for Ironman and other triathlons has my body very cranky. I am a believer in being proactive and having traditional deep tissue sports therapy massages regularly. I did not think I would gain much from another form of massage. One session with Jan rewired my whole thought process. The gains from Thai Yoga were immediate and amazing without any discomfort. My body felt centered, I stood taller, my brain had more clarity, my body tingled from head to toe, muscles that were tight were relaxed and pliable. The posture change helped my body to be kinetically aligned and the balance that returned was visibly noticeable. My strength was back to normal, my energy level returned and my muscles were ready to be pushed again. Thai Yoga brought my recovery/training to a whole new level. Thank you Jan!”     - Vicki Edwards, East End Tri, USAT Certified Coach

May 11, 2016

“Jan Michelle has introduced me to Thai Yoga(massage). The flow of the treatment and the ease of the stretches felt great. Her work is a reflection of the name of her business, as I feel my body changing, I notice my mind changing as well.     - Francis D., Long Island

May 11, 2016